Snow Tires

Snow tires are specifically engineered to provide better traction, handling, and braking capability in cold temperatures on snow, slush, and ice covered roads. Drivers who drive in areas that do not experience extreme winter weather may get by with all-season tires, but if you drive regularly in New York winter weather conditions, snow tires are a smart investment.

Snow tires are manufactured to perform specifically in cold, winter conditions with specially developed tread designs and tread compounds. The tread design of snow tires features siping for enhanced traction. This means extremely thin grooves are cut into the tread to create an improved gripping surface on winter roads. Wide circumferential grooves allow snow tires to channel snow and water away from the surface of the tire, creating better contact between the tire and the road. Snow tire tread compounds are developed for optimal performance when temperatures fall. The latest high-performance snow tire designs also provide superior traction on cold, dry roads, along with a quiet, comfortable ride.

Lenny’s Tire Service is proud to offer quality snow tires from:

  • Mastercraft
  • Firestone
  • Nokian
  • Hankook

In addition to offering top quality snow tires at excellent prices, the team at Lenny’s Tire Service will provide expert installation for your snow tires. Along with snow tires, studs to meet all of your winter driving needs.

Be prepared for the winter driving season! Stop by Lenny’s Tire Service in Middleburgh, NY to get your snow tires! Be sure to contact us today to set an appointment.

Do I need to buy a set of four snow tires?

Installing snow tires in sets of four is always recommended for achieving the highest level of safety, control, and traction with your vehicle. No matter what type of vehicle – front wheel, all wheel, or rear wheel drive – using one or two new snow tires with older snow tires or all-season tires can cause the front and rear axles to have unequal traction and control. When this happens, the driver’s ability to control the vehicle is seriously impaired, particularly in emergency situations. Investing in a set of four matching snow tires helps to ensure reliable and consistent traction, control, and safety.

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